Re: D60 ?

From: rjlougee <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 07:46:18 -0700

Let me take a shot at this Allen, I'm planning to do mine soon and this
way the list can ixnay it if insufficiently thought through.

My basic plan is to loosely assemble the front end and make some
measurements of the floor and knuckles. The axle on jackstands and at
normal ride height in relation to the frame/body. Use an angle finder
on the floor under the front of the EB and again on the top of the
knuckles. Adjust the angle of the knuckles, by rotating the axle until
the desired caster is achieved. Tack weld the C-bushing brackets on the
tubes, remove and finish weld.

I.e. If I'm looking for 5 degrees of caster, I'll measure the angle at
the floor to make sure it's zero. Then measure the angle on the
knuckles. Assuming the floor was at zero, the axle will be rotated
until the knuckle is at 5 degrees. I would do this to both sides to
ensure it's not slightly twisted in the bushings. Anything other than
zero on the floor will cause the 5 degrees to be added to the base

Did that make sense and is it a viable plan?
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