Re: Tricks for changing motor mounts

From: Jim Lemanek <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 07:21:58 -0800 (PST)


Go find a tree, park under a really big branch... :)
Just kidding. I dunno how well the inner fenders
would hold up to a pry bar stuck down between the
exhaust manifolds. Don't think you should jack on the
oil pan, anything else would be kind of cobbled.
Maybe if you loosened both mounts up someone could
lift one side from above but gotta watch your hands,
ya know?? Ya, thats probably a bad idea.

When I pulled my engine I used two 4X4 uprights, with
two 2X10 that were 8 or 10 feet long bolted to the
outsides of the 4X4 across the top (used like 5/8s
bolts 10" long I think). My garage is open up above,
so I tied into the rafters for lateral support, and
used some other cross bracing for it. Cost me like $35
in wood that I will reuse for some other projects. I
put my come-a-long up there as the hoist. I had no
deflection in the two 2X10s. Oh, I also installed a
small 2X4 block in the center to keep the 2X10s from
bending in towards each other, as they are both bolted
to the outside of the 4X4s, there is a 3.?? gap
between them. If I can get my USB to work I may be
able to send a pick of what I did next week.

Maybe a decent shop would be able to do it pretty

--- Bill <> wrote:
> All,
> What are the tricks to changing the motor mounts
> with the engine in the
> truck. Is it possible and what all has to go to do
> it?
> I do not have a hoist to lift the engine from above,
> so it is some kind of
> push from below ?
> Bill
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