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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 08:15:16 -0800

One thing you need to think about when doing this. The yoke to tube
fit and the tube to center section fit is a very tight press fit.
VERY tight. You need a press or a really bfg and a block of oak to
get them on. Once they are seated you may not be able to turn them to
adjust. I ended up heating the yokes on mine and was able to pound
them to the correct angle.

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> Let me take a shot at this Allen, I'm planning to do mine soon and
> way the list can ixnay it if insufficiently thought through.
> My basic plan is to loosely assemble the front end and make some
> measurements of the floor and knuckles. The axle on jackstands and
> normal ride height in relation to the frame/body. Use an angle
> on the floor under the front of the EB and again on the top of the
> knuckles. Adjust the angle of the knuckles, by rotating the axle
> the desired caster is achieved. Tack weld the C-bushing brackets on
> tubes, remove and finish weld.
> I.e. If I'm looking for 5 degrees of caster, I'll measure the angle
> the floor to make sure it's zero. Then measure the angle on the
> knuckles. Assuming the floor was at zero, the axle will be rotated
> until the knuckle is at 5 degrees. I would do this to both sides to
> ensure it's not slightly twisted in the bushings. Anything other
> zero on the floor will cause the 5 degrees to be added to the base
> figure.
> Did that make sense and is it a viable plan?
> Joe
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