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From: Dusenberry, Quinn <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 09:27:56 -0800

Never done it before, but here is how I would do it. First off, you need to
do it with the weight of the vehicle on the front springs. I would start by
removing the front wheels and all the brake rotors, hubs, and such. I would
also remove the knuckles. Then I would make/buy a piece of tubing that was a
very close fit going through the upper and lower ball joint holes. Remember,
the weight of the vehicle needs to be on the axle now *and* the vehicle
should be sitting at normal front and rear heights, ie no tilt. It should be
sitting there with the front tires off but the frame remain where it was
before you took the front tires off. Then I would lay an angle finder along
the rod running through the upper and lower ball joint holes. The reason for
the rod is you can have it be much longer. The lnoger it is, the more
accurate your measurement would be.

I should mention that the radius arm ears and radius arms (both sides)
should be on. The radius arm caps won't be tight at first. Leave them loose
until you get the axle tilted to the desired degree, I think factory spec is
leaning back at about 4 degrees or so. Anyway, I would til the axle back
using a bottle or floor jack and then slowing and carefully tighten the
radius arm caps. Once they are tightened down, I would double check the
angle on both sides and then tack weld the ears from the sides. Then I would
take the radius arms off the vehicle and weld the ears to the axle. You
could trailer the vehicle to an alignment shop after the tack welding step
to double check your work prior to final weld if you want too.

While we're on the topic, here is how I would define the track bar mount.
The same weight on the front axle stuff applies here too. I would drop a
plumb bob line down the side of the frame rails on each side until the tires
(or some other easily referenced thing, perhaps upper ball joint centerline)
are equal distance from the frame on each side. Then just let the track bar
rotate down into position and tack weld on the mounting structure.

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I'm getting ready to mount my radius arm "ears" on my D60. How do I
correctly measure the castor/camber.
Allen Fahey
73 Bronco project
Hanover, Md.

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