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This is a little deeper problem than I think the original question was
asking. I was assuming that when narrowing a D60, you are just narrowing it
on one side (1978-1979 F350 style). Therefore, you only need to match the
knuckle angle on the shortened side to the original side. You are not trying
to change the caster angle relative to the pinion angle, right? It seems to
me the only time you would worry about this is if you were shortening both
side *or* if you were intentionally trying to change the pinion angle
relative to the caster angle.

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One thing you need to think about when doing this. The yoke to tube
fit and the tube to center section fit is a very tight press fit.
VERY tight. You need a press or a really bfg and a block of oak to
get them on. Once they are seated you may not be able to turn them to
adjust. I ended up heating the yokes on mine and was able to pound
them to the correct angle.
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