History of the ECBR and response from the founder!!

From: Mark Shainman <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 12:51:33 -0500

Response from Mark Shainman, sole creator and founder of the ECBR™:

Since I am on the road for work right now I have just been catching up on
the goings on with the mailing list and I would like to set the record
straight on the East Coast Bronco Roundup (ECBR™) and its creation, since it
looks like some people are trying to change history.

In the fall of 1998, I Mark Shainman, came up with the idea and began the
process of putting together the East Coast Bronco Roundup (ECBR), and
started coordinating the event online through the Early Bronco Mailing List
(EBML) with people such as Karl Bradley and Drew Peroni and Lou Levy. I put
up my own website to promote the event, and continued to promote the event
through the EBML. Randy Wood and I went out and contacted sponsors and
brought the first set of prizes to the Roundup. We all met up in Tellico in
the spring of 1999 and began wheeling. At this time you all must realize
that I had NEVER talked to Randall Thomas or Morris Rothfield, and they were
not at the events, nor was there an east coast registry at that time.

Because of having such a great time at the first event I decided to put
together a second event in November of 1999, and named it the Early Bronco
Fawl Crawl. Around December of that year, the first article in Four Wheeler
came out about the event--still no such thing as the east coast bronco
registry, just the 2 events and the people who had participated in them and
helped coordinate them.

Sometime in the fall of that year, I contacted Randall Thomas about some C4
transmission stuff. We got to talking about the events and coverage, and he
offered to put up some information and pictures of the events on his

Yes, I can say that Randall did start the mailing list through the FREE
services of
Yahoogroups (formally e-Groups), so east coast members could communicate
about events and take the discussion off of the tech- centric EBML, but at
that time I still did all event coordination through private e-mails to the
group who helped put the event together, and Randall was not one of these

In coordinating and planning the Round Up in 2000, I again worked with the
group who put the events together, this was made up of people such as Brian
Keeler- who painstakingly grew our sponsorship into a major achievement,
Alan Soutter, Russell Crew, Ken Messer, Bryan Blaylock, Bryan Rainwater,
Kraig Pendelton, Donnie Smith, Karl Bradley, etc., but still not Randall

You all must realize that I have met and wheeled in person with all the
members who helped coordinate the events, but I have never met Randall in
person, nor has he ever been to an event. Since there was so much momentum
behind the East Coast Bronco Roundup, in the fall of 1999, Randall and I
talked about starting a registry, so we could use it as a mechanism to help
promote the events.

So the east coast bronco registry stemmed from the East Coast Bronco Roundup
and the Early Bronco Fawl Crawl, events that preceded its inception. Randall
then went ahead and put up the web site. I thought it would be a positive
thing since I did not have the time to put up a site and coordinate the

In hindsight, agreeing to let him host the website and start the free list
on yahoo was the BIGGEST mistake I have made in regards to the East Coast
Bronco Roundup and the Early Bronco Fawl Crawl, since the web site for the
ECBR was then in the hands of one person. The same person then threatened to
“pull the plug" on both the mailing list and the website when we spoke with
some potential sponsors without his ‘approval.’ Which approval we did not
need nor want.

And that same person, or person’s representing him, has now been censoring
the member’s posts and kicking people off of the mailing list. The east
coast bronco registry mailing list is simply that--a mailing list for anyone
who wants to sign up to communicate with each other. Communication with the
list members is a positive thing, but not when it is controlled and dictated
by a person or persons who continue to promote their own personal agendas.

Promotion of the events and coordination with east coast members was the
original intent of the mailing list and we had accomplished that beforehand
with the Early Bronco Mailing List (EBML) and my own personal website, and
that can be accomplished again. To that end, I contacted the EBML and owners and asked them if they would provide a list for the
east coast bronco group in order to properly support the original intentions
of the ECBR mailing list that has been corrupted by a couple of people. They
immediately responded and have already created the EBeast (Early Broncos of
the East) mailing list for us to talk about bronco stuff on the east coast.
If you would like to subscribe, just send a note to
with Subscribe in the subject line.

The true heart of the events are the participants and more than that the
volunteers who have since day one donated thousands of hours of their time
to put together and coordinate the events. These are the same people who are
now getting kicked off the mailing list for telling the truth about what is
going on!!! These are the people who helped me found and coordinate all of
the events we have had in the last three years due to their love of the
early bronco for the specific purpose of finally having events on the east
coast, where early bronco owners could get together and wheel. The ECBR was
never meant for any one person to use the events and their notoriety to
promote their own personal agendas, financial or ego driven.

To set the record straight, the 4th Annual East Coast Bronco Roundup is the
event that is being held in Paragon, PA, and is hosted by the a registered,
not-for-profit club, the Mid-Atlantic Early Broncos (MEB). I, as the founder
of the ECBR, am a MEB member and I am 100% behind all their efforts.

Mark Shainman

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