Re: [EcbR] History of the ECBR and response from the founder!!

From: Mark Shainman <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 13:55:52 -0500

Randall, I do not have the time nor the energy to continually respond to
your lies and half truths, I am going to spend my time and energy putting
together great events for the bronco community, not spitting out words and
rhetoric. I no longer wish to be Bronco Registry member #1 nor do I wish
to be on the Bronco Registry mailing list,
unsubscribe me.


Mark Shainman
Sr. Research Analyst
META Group, Server Infrastructure Strategies

        "R.Thomas" <>
        02/01/2002 01:26 PM

                 Subject: Re: [EcbR] History of the ECBR and response from the founder!!

Mark... your lengthy response just to insure that everyone knows the Round
came before the Registry was unnecessary, because I have stated that and
repeated that a dozen times over, and state it on the ECBR web page.

You and I talked about starting it? How about I talked and you did
All you cared about was that your truck was the background on the web page!

The fact that now you want to claim fame to the only person in the world
can use the initials E.C.B.R. was predictable, but no one said I minded.

BTW, I did assist in the Round up in 2000... who do you think put up the
list and other web work. Albeit in a small way, but you like to leave people
out, oh great founder of everything Bronco!

Since the website meant little to the event, then why all the whining from
buds now? They should be happy! The silly an immature nature of the MEB and
their slams, pre set attacks and back stabbing was so prevalent, everyone
seen it bleed to the surface. THAT is the problem. No one cared about the
members, except for their own buts. I CARED, and you despised that, and

The only people upset here are the MEB folks... rank and file, one in a row.
might find it interesting that a few of the other "founders" of the first
ups are not pleased with you or your cohorts... seems they were not the
type" to be accepted into the childish Bronco Mafia. That's their beef

And speaking of transmissions, remember all that time I had to spend on the
phone with you and your transmission guy because he didn't know a thing
what he was doing? Yeah, Thanks.

BTW, it is interesting how you hate this so much, yet you proudly state ECBR
#1... Do you still wish to stay a member? Makes little difference to me one
or another.

Mark, you could have stepped in to assist in straightening this out a long
ago, but you not only allowed it to happen, you wanted it to happen. Now you
responsible for your "lack" of actions. Do not put off your blatant lack of
responsibilities onto others. Those closest to you (no names here) have said
have to be the most irresponsible person they have met. I concur.

Mark, even though all that happened has happened, I was still willing to
anything out with the MEB... even sit down and re-write the rules. But THEY
wanted to run the whole show. There's the problem. The entire problem.

Take care. Good luck.


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