Re: [Bfix] F-250 shock mounts-what year?

From: Mike Bowlin <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 12:43:56 -0700

 Well see that's the thing by welding it so high you can angle it pretty much any way you wanna in
or out, obviously you can't carried away.Anyway I'm not sure about the long radius arms but with a
twister you get enough articulation its a moot point anyway because you must do something about the
bottom mount.I'm not trying to say Don't buy your mounts Brett,Andy does excellent work and they are
fine pieces for sure, I was just tryin to pass along my experience to James who had already saved
himself 50 bucks by going with the 250 mounts.

Mike Bowlin
67 EB narrowed 8"s...sefi 5.0,700r4,4.3 atlasII
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From: "Brett Kinch" <>

> So by welding the F-250 shock mount right up against the coil cup, are you
> also tilting the F-250 mount outward as it goes up? If so, this is may be
> why you are bending your lower shock mount, I believe, because the shock is
> at too much of a slant and is pushing semi-laterally when compressing. Just
> a theory...
> What did you do about the outer lip of the coil cup near the shock mount.
> Did it give you enough room for your shock body?
> Brett Kinch
> Rock-Quip
> > I did mine basically the same way, but it appears that the bottom shock
> > mount on the stock arm is binding inward? Anyway to fix this? I just
> bought
> > a set of used all 4 fun lengthened radius arms to install and maybe that
> > will help? Man these things are BEEFY!
> > Ben
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