Re: West Virginia and Ohio

From: Wade L Emrick <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 20:56:40 -0500

  WV's smog law only requires a cat converter on 1976 and later cars
and 1978 trucks. So smog will not be a problem, the trouble comes
when you go to register the vehicle. The state requires you to pay
sales tax on the car when it is registered here, even though you paid them
when you originally bought it in your home state.
  If you do take the job stop by for a chat, I live in Parkersburg and work
at the GE plant in Washington, WV.

'70 & '75 EBs
'90 Duece
Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

cameron youngstrom wrote:

> I have recently been interviewing for a job in Washington, WV (on the
> OH, WV border.) If everything goes as hoped I will get an offer next
> week and be moving there in the next couple months. Does anyone have
> any information on OH and WV as far as vehicles are concerned? Are
> there smog checks? Will there be a problem with a 5.0 in a bronco...
> Since I can live on either side of the river I'd rather live where the
> laws are the nicest. Any inforamtion on life in OH and WV would be
> appreciated.
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