Kayline Fast Trac top for sale

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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 21:52:55 -0700

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I have a white Kayline Fast Trac soft top for sale. You can see pictures
of it on my old blue truck here:

It is about 4 years old and is in decent shape for a top of that age.
There are a few tears around the door frames and the rear corners need
some re-stitching. The windows are not fogged out, but do have normal
"AZ pinstriping" on them. The top includes every piece of hardware,
including nuts/bolts/washers, with the exception of the windshield wiper
motor drop bracket(available for $7.50 from the Specialty Top Co.) and
the rear velcro strip along the tailgate. I am also including the
windshield riser and of course installation instructions.

New tops(now made by Specialty Top Co.) like this one now retail for
$613. I am asking $150 + shipping. If you would like the rear corners
repaired, I will do that and add the repair cost to the price of the top.

Todd Z.
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