MY MUTT BRONCOS 4 SALE...snif,snif

From: <>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 00:54:35 EST

 Hey all,Im sad to say I need to sell my pride & joy NOW. Its under gone
major everything,looks nice, drives real tight (sept' it drum
   The flag hood can be returned to black if desired,please got to my page, I
added info to frt page with more on whats done to it,& theres more pics on
"the finished MUTT" page, I'll add interior pics tomm. & a few pics with the
white hardtop on it now as well.
  Im in Md near Baltimore, Im sure I could hold out & get a pretty penny, But
would like to get it done with to keep it qwik & less painful.......Im not
goin anywhere though, I'll still be here to bug,
                                 Thank You, Jeff Yarrington,go to below to
                                                  <A HREF=""></A>
Received on Fri Feb 01 2002 - 22:56:12 MST

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