Hey Randall Thomas

From: kenneth messer <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 21:42:32 -0500

Since I was kicked off without a hello and seeing as how I have kept quite
after I got scolded several months ago. I know you are on this list so this
is for the world since you want to keep so much hidden. I tried to keep
quite and you still boooted me.

Since we no longer have a way to defend ourselves since some of us are
guilty by association, then that makes you guilty as well. While polling the
group is a very effective tool, sometimes the group as a whole really does
not know what is best. Case in point, Morris came up with the dates for the
poll. He totally disregarded the wishes of the event already planned and
went ahead. If he had waited a month or two to eliminate date conflicts then
we would not be here!! He should of used better judgement and learned to
listen to advice from those of us that have done this. We were willing to
work it out, you and your team just were not willing to listen to us. We
could have all had a piece of the pie and remained somewhat friends. If you
and your team( remember Randall, you do have a say) really want to put on
great events for the list, sometimes you are going to have to think smarter
than the list and give them what they need ,(non conflicting dates etc.)
instead of what they want. What we want sometimes hurts us very badly. The
reference to this now being a forum and "your house" just goes to show(my
opinion) how controlling you really are and how much you really manipulate
the list. If you are so big on polling and doing what the list wants, Poll
them and see if they approve of what you did. Poll them and see if they want
us kicked from the "forum" I believe you are a afraid to!!!! Also, Yes the
Free versus Pay event has always been a debate. But funny that those of us
that did the work all unanimously went towards pay events. Maybe their was a
reason behind that, that when people put on enough Free events they to will
understand. Directions do change as well as visions. As for leaving the
South out by moving the sponsored event up North? Ever heard of ROATATION!!
Then Every body gets in on the action!!
Ken Messer

P.S. YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!! When you get ready to Really wheel your Bronco, I
would be glad to wheel with you and talk actual Bronco's instead of forums,
list's, and clubs and just have some fun.
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