Re: Happy 7th Birthday EBML!

From: Peter Kreutzfeldt <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 07:35:52 -0500

Have no worries about it. as long as we do not begin quoting portions from
the Islamic Koran in relation to our Bronco's or the environment, we will be
OK. Cause the Home Security Force is watching US.
Peter ;-)) wrote:

> Zero score and seven years ago, about half a dozen Bronco nuts broke off
> from the offroad mailing list, and conceived the Early Bronco Mailing
> List(EBML). Here's to seven years of good reading, much learning, and a
> lot of typing. I hope we're still around in seven more years.
> Your quasi-EB(ML) history geek,
> Todd Z.
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