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Hey, I remember you! I went up trail 5 with you at the first roundup. Man
you were punishing that little rig! I remember smelling the clutch!

I would be interested in this! We need a southern bronco club! There are
several great places to wheel in AL, TN, AR, and I bet if we can find
someone in MS they will know some spots there also.

Keep me informed and let me know what to do to join.

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> Greetings,
> The vision of having an EB club in the Tennessee, north and central
> north and central Mississippi, and western Arkansas region is about to
> a reality.
> With all the recent changes taking place on the East Coast Early Bronco
> scene, I thought that this is an excellent time to reveal the plans that I
> and several other friends and EB owners have been working on now for some
> time. An official name has not been finalized at this this point, but we
> nearing completion of our draft bylaws and are reviewing the items needed
> Incorporate the club.
> If you are interested in joining, and reside in the above areas please
> an email to
> We are currently designing our database, and would like to see all EB
> in this great region get involved. I highly encourage all Bronco owners
> within this region to consider supporting this new club. I and the others
> working towards this new club will have some exiting news to announce very
> soon.
> By the way, my name is Chris Koehner and I live in Nashville, TN. I bought
> first Bronco in 1983 while in high school, and have had one or more ever
> since. I was at the first Tellico event in 1999, with a beater that had a
> very impressive build sheet (Dana 30, open front and rear, 3.50 gears, 3
> speed with a bad clutch, manual steering, and 33" Buckshots) and had the
> of my life! I have come a long way since then, as well as many of the
> "old-timers" have, After that trail ride, my obsession is now an
> Anyway, feel free to drop me a line, if you have any comments or
> Regards,
> Chris Koehner
> Nashville, TN
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