Re: Engine stumbling problem

From: Jim Lemanek <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 09:27:24 -0800 (PST)

I have had bad batteries cause what you are
describing. Not saying that will be the only thing,
but did you check the water level in the battery you
removed or is it maint. free?

Over the weekend I had to jump a friends Dodge Ram to
borrow it, and it took awhile before it would hold an
idle even, as the battery was that dead. Reving it up
it was ok, but it would not idle until I had run it
about 10-15 minutes after jumping it for probably 10


--- Anthony Hernandez <> wrote:
> The Bronco's been sitting for a long time. This
> past weekend I drove it
> about 50 miles after it sat for about 4 months. It
> developed an off idle
> stumble for the last mile of driving. I let the
> engine cool and then
> decided to try and see what the problem was but the
> engine wouldn't start.
> The battery died. I had recharged the battery a few
> times while it was
> stationary because I would start the truck
> occasionally while it was
> immobile.
> So anyway, I bought a new Optima clone battery from
> Kragen and the stumble
> went away. Could a bad battery cause an off idle
> stumble? I always thought
> that the alternator would keep it running once it
> was started? I drove it
> for about 20 miles after replacing the battery and
> it didn't do it. I hope
> the Pertronix isn't going out...
> Tony
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