Re: Happy 7th Birthday EBML!

From: Lee Wilson <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:32:55 -0600

I wonder how many of the original people are still on the list?

Shannon's the one that brought me aboard from the offroad list. That was a
MESS trying to keep everyone's email addresses together back then. I was
using Banyan's Blue Mail at Compaq back then and once the list grew to over
20 people or so I couldn't send the messages to everyone. (Wouldn't fit in
my "To:" window.) I think we were all pretty happy to get it automated!

Lee Wilson
Houston, TX
1970 Bronco, 351W (soon to be SEFI), C4, 36" Swampers, REP8000, Lock Rights
2002 F350 SD Power Stroke 4X4 Lariat auto CC 156", 3.5" Fabtech, 315/75-16s
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Subject: Re: [EBML] Happy 7th Birthday EBML!

> Thanks for the reminder Todd. Seems like yesterday we started with the
> group, at the 20-30 email group size, the headers were too big for many
> people's email programs and Paul offered to host it at the
> listserver. We were there for a while till Steve created the majordomo
> server on My how things grow. It's been a blast and will
> continue to be so.
> Shannon
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> Subject: [EBML] Happy 7th Birthday EBML!
> > Zero score and seven years ago, about half a dozen Bronco nuts broke off
> > from the offroad mailing list, and conceived the Early Bronco Mailing
> > List(EBML). Here's to seven years of good reading, much learning, and a
> > lot of typing. I hope we're still around in seven more years.
> >
> > Your quasi-EB(ML) history geek,
> > Todd Z.
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