Re: [Bfix] License To Wheel (Was:Moab/utah Closings)

From: hotrod069 <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 12:52:29 -0600

Actually no, I have my boat registered and licensed, but you dont need (in TX) a individual "boat license" for the operator...anyone can drive as long as they are of age with no special license. Maybe thats where the confusion was on my part with trying to relate to what you were saying.

I can dig the "fee for use" on Public Land to maintain and clean, as well as crowd control. It just needs to be written the right way so no "loop holes" are created and the tree huggers and lizard lickers can use it against us in another "enviromental" capacity to close down public land.

Yeah...paddy wagon all the way. The sight alone is a deterance.

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From: "Brett Kinch" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 11:20:54 -0700

> Yes, but you have a boating license for your boat, no? Same with the
>jokers... I they are walking on public land, it constitutes as hiking under
>the Public Land Use License and they need that license. They would be pegged
>as well. This way, no one gets on Public Land unless they took a test,
>recieved a license, and Learned something about taking care of that Public
> I think an event like the two locations at EJS on Public Land should have
>an admission charge. Even if it's $2. This will help offset the cost of
>controlling a crowd of that size and litter clean up. If ya wanna play ( or
>watch, in this case ) ya gotta pay.....
>I like the paddy wagon idea. I think penalties for offenders should be
>upheld at events such as these. It makes them Learn.....
>Brett Kinch
>> What if your not wheeling? Meaning I can go on the water, in a boat as
>long as I dont I dont need a fishing permit/ license. Same with
>these jokers......what if they walk up to the event and dont wheel.....then
>only the ones that are participating in the actaul event are pegged with the
>permit, ect.
>> Seems the easiest way, like you mentioned is a designated parking area,
>where nothing is charged because it is public land (BLM), but fenced/
>partition/ barricaded/ whatever to check everyone comming and going, with a
>huge sign posted....stating that since it is "...regulated via Federal
>Funding...federal charges can/ will be assesed for violence, glass
>containers, disorderly conduct..blah..blah..blah". Just make the fine so
>huge that if they cant pay on the spot, they go to the local "pokey" for a
>nights stay unless they can make bail and pay the fines. Great money maker
>for the city and keeps the "rowdies" tamned.
>> Texas beaches have been doing this for years. You have to buy a permit to
>be on the beach. Massive party, but if you get caught with glass, fighting,
>or anything the big fine or go to the "mobile" jail...a big
>panel van...and wait a few hours (in a stinky, puked in enclosed
>hand cuffs) until they take you to the jail...then you fill out your
> the fine...get to leave....or no money=over night stay.
>> Not that I've ever been in this situation, but I did have to get my
>friends out before. Needless to say, great moneymaker for the city and
>really makes you behave after you've been taken down....or
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>> From: "Brett Kinch" <>
>> Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 09:36:20 -0700
>> > I agree....More than one cop , however. There can be a crowd of a
>> >at Dump Bump and Potato Salad Hill at Easter Jeep Safari Week; sometimes
>> >more.....
>> > It's outa hand in a big way. Lots of drunken idiots throwing beer cans
>> >bottles everywhere, starting fights, and lit up loose cannons behind the
>> >wheel. It's more of a crowd control thing than it is a policing. It's
>> >like a concert event.
>> > I think the best thing to do is to Have the Red Rock 4 Wheelers work in
>> >conjuntion with the Moab Police Department during EJS Week, to lease out
>> >both locations and have them fenced off with an admission charge at the
>> >gate.This would allow them to pay for controlled parking, crowd control,
>> >litter clean up. Moreover, the Police can monitor the gates and inner
>> >to convisgate alchohol, and arrest the disorderly. It's these two
>> >that are easily accessible by drunken onlookers with nothing better to
>> >and they need to be monitored.
>> > It's always the ignorant that mess things up for the aware. I think
>> >needs to be a big change in the way the BLM runs its' public lands for
>> >sorts of use Nation Wide. I believe a great way to teach the ignorant
>> >Use is to make a Mandatory OHV and Public Land Use License for Nation
>> >Public Land. Everything needs to be on the same page to eliminate
>> >We all need a fishing license, no? They hand out booklets on what is fair
>> >game and limits on fishing. I think there should be a test so at least
>> >everyone will have to actually read the booklet before one can get a
>> >license. I think this should carry over into a New OHV and Public Land
>> >license. By giving out handbooks and having a short mandatory test before
>> >one can get a License to Wheel, it will far reduce the ignorance and
>> >offenders of Public Land. The cost of getting a license and renewing
>> >year should pay for itself, as well as help offset the cost for OHV
>> >to write big fat citations to offenders of the land or people without a
>> >license. Big offenses can revoke a license for a year or for life
>> >on severity.
>> >Jusy my thoughts on a possible solution to ignorance.
>> >btw, wouldn't an OHV Ranger be a kick butt job? Wheel all day and protect
>> >the trails from idiots.
>> >Brett Kinch
>> >Rock-Quip
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >>
>> >> rather than close areas maybe they should put a cop at the locations
>> >> and tie hes bonus to citations.
>> >>
>> >> >From: "Steve and Nancy George" <>
>> >> >To: <>, "Bronco Fix" <>,
>> >> <>, "Ben Saunders" <>
>> >> >Date: 2/2/02 5:27:39 PM
>> >> >
>> >>
>> >> >I love to wheel Moab! live only 3 hours from there, but you
>> >> know what there
>> >> >are so many drunken stupid at the Dump Bump and at Potato Salad
>> >> hill that I
>> >> >have a hard time not siding with some of the local folks that
>> >> want to close
>> >> >them down :^( Don't get me wrong I don't want any clousers
>> >> but if you go to
>> >> >Moab keep what I said in mind both of these areas hasve turned
>> >> into a large
>> >> >drunken brawl and to me that's not what wheelig is about. My
>> >> $.02 Steve
>> >> >George Farmington NM
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>> >> >> Hey guys and gals
>> >> >> I know a lot of us are not from Utah, but a lot of us also
>> >> go to Moab so I
>> >> >> figured we would be interested in it, besides all of us need
>> >> to get more
>> >> >> active all over if we want to maintain any areas to have access
>> >> to with
>> >> >our
>> >> >> 4x's
>> >> >>
>> >> >> info about new proposed national monument in Utah -
>> >> >>
>> >> >>
>> >> >>
>> >> >> possible closing of potato salad hill -
>> >> >>
>> >> >>
>> >> >> and possible closing of Dump bump -
>> >> >>
>> >> >>
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