Re: [Bfix] License To Wheel (Was:Moab/utah Closings)

From: Brett Kinch <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 13:54:45 -0700

  So you don't go fishing because a fishing license is elitist?
The EVERYONE'S Job tactic just aint workin'. The "people either care or they
don't" generalization is what is killing Public Lands. There Are those that
may not care. At least the Education and Enforcement approach would quickly
weed out those that don't. I'd gladly pay the "rent" in order to use Public
Land and feel a little more comfortable knowing that some leather donut
might know better how to use it responsibly, so I won't have to call him
   I want to keep wheeling. I want my kid's kids to wheel if they want to.
To sit back and just let it go as it has might just prevent this. Time for a
change, I believe....There just aint enough Educated Stewards for
Stewardship. An OHV license might promote this....
BTW, I'm just spillin thoughts opinions aren't any better than
anyone elses....they're just opinions....
Brett Kinch

> I'm pretty much against adding another layer of fees and bureaucracy to
> outdoor usage. People either care about it or they don't. I think we
> a better chance at educating people than expensing them out of the woods.
> also think it is EVERYONE'S job to point it out to these idiots that their
> trash goes home with them, and carving up the picnic tables just means no
> more picnic tables to carve.
> More "licensing" is elitist & that is exactly what is driving us all off
> public land. Stewardship is something we need to promote.
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