Re: Happy 7th Birthday EBML!

From: Shannon Shirk <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 15:40:10 -0500

Surprisingly, I believe most of the core group that started it are still
here. I'm sure Todd has a better memory than I do, and please add Todd. I
apologize to anyone I forget. But if I remember correctly, I believe the
first five were:
Jacques Garden
Todd Zeucher
Lee Wilson
Paul Nowak

Jacques/Todd/Lee, what do you remember? I don't believe Paul is still on the
list. But his most excellent site is still up--


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Subject: Re: [EBML] Happy 7th Birthday EBML!

> I wonder how many of the original people are still on the list?
> Shannon's the one that brought me aboard from the offroad list. That was
> MESS trying to keep everyone's email addresses together back then. I was
> using Banyan's Blue Mail at Compaq back then and once the list grew to
> 20 people or so I couldn't send the messages to everyone. (Wouldn't fit
> my "To:" window.) I think we were all pretty happy to get it automated!
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