Re: transfer case for sale? opinions of replacement options?

From: Marc Milner <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 14:21:54 -0700

I have a used straight shift case out of a '70? It ran fine when removed, no
other info.
I might be talked into selling the case in mine. It is a '73 Jshift with a
tera low gear set, rebuilt, new bearings and a new frt output. It has about
$1000 in parts in it.
I am trying to raise money for an atlas.
Make me an offer for either.

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From: "Garner Sutterfield" <>
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Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 2:05 PM
Subject: [EBML] transfer case for sale? opinions of replacement options?

> Hey gang,
> I need a transfer case. I have a '75 Dana 20 J shift
> behind a C4. I replaced the original case which had
> high-range issues with a case that proved to be junk
> in low range. I will probably just get a rebuilt Dana
> 20 from Jeff's unless someone has a good one for sale.
> I can't justify the expense of an Atlas or Klune V
> right now, though I would be interested in a used
> Tera-Low or similar equipped case at a reasonable
> price.
> Let me know if you have something or an opinion on a
> good source.
> Thanks,
> Garner
> Columbia, MO
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