Re: [Bfix] License To Wheel (Was:Moab/utah Closings)

From: Tom Green <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 16:09:47 -0800 (PST)

I hate to bash, but what I've tended to see is that when no one feels
like enforcing the existing laws, they create a overbearing
beaurocratic law that make those of us that abid by the laws criminals.
There are laws against littering, there are laws against public
drunkeness, there are laws against fighting. What we need are police to
enforce the laws we have. What happens at these places is no different
that what happens at glamis. Any of them can be cleared up with an
appropriate police response. But what happens when the cops show up at
glamis? They start enforcing laws,... all of them, and then people
that aren't the troublemakers get tickets for missing tail lights, and
riding double. Then the "good" people join the bad people and throw
cans at the cops. So they close the desert. Next time you are at
your favorite off road place and a Ranger comes up and tickets you
remember, he may be writing you a ticket, but if he wasn't there you
wouldnt have a place to ride. Don't be a jerk.
--- "T. Cheney" <> wrote:
> on 2/4/02 12:54 PM, Brett Kinch at wrote:
> > So you don't go fishing because a fishing license is elitist?
> > The EVERYONE'S Job tactic just aint workin'. The "people either
> care or they
> > don't" generalization is what is killing Public Lands. There Are
> those that
> > may not care. At least the Education and Enforcement approach would
> quickly
> > weed out those that don't. I'd gladly pay the "rent" in order to
> use Public
> > Land and feel a little more comfortable knowing that some leather
> donut
> > might know better how to use it responsibly, so I won't have to
> call him
> > that.....
> I already pay for the right to use trails here in Oregon. I pay a
> fee for
> an offroad permit. I also pay taxes which support my Federal
> Government.
> Applying fees and fines requires enforcement and collection services.
> The
> government has not proven that it can collect and enforce as well as
> its
> original charter of protection and enhancement. Example: welfare
> roles
> were cut in half over the past 5 years, and yet the staff to run the
> welfare
> offices remained the same or grew. They are not required to produce
> a
> profit to justify their positions, they are there to do their job &
> spend
> the budget.
> I do believe the fee I pay is elitist. The same fee is not charged
> to
> hikers or mountain bikers. It is not an equitable system. Since
> there is
> no way to enforce the hiker/biker vs. 4X4 user, we are shouldering
> the cost.
> If these users were truly concerned about the trail system, they
> would buy
> the permit regardless. Do they??? NO.. go look at the parking lot of
> the
> local trail system and count the OHV permits. Reducing offroad use
> to a
> "sin tax" is the next step in its elimination.
> > I want to keep wheeling. I want my kid's kids to wheel if they want
> to.
> > To sit back and just let it go as it has might just prevent this.
> Time for a
> > change, I believe....There just aint enough Educated Stewards for
> > Stewardship. An OHV license might promote this....
> Educating our children is the first step in making this happen.
> Education
> in our clubs and at events is the next. Then we need to start on
> outreach
> to those not involved in a club and just plain "don't know no
> better."
> Paying the government to do it adds one more layer of bureaucracy.
> We
> already ask them to do far too much for us. Do we really want to add
> one
> more thing? Why not fix it before they add ONE MORE FRIGGING LAW to
> the
> books?
> Fishing licenses are a good case in point. I do buy a license, but
> what if
> the system was such that only people with boats had to buy a license.
> Or
> what if you only had to have a license if you were fishing with power
> bait
> instead of worms? Or why not ding the fly fishermen? They seem to
> have a
> lot of money. That's how the current system works for offroad use.
> > BTW, I'm just spillin thoughts opinions aren't any better
> than
> > anyone elses....they're just opinions....
> Hey Brett... I'm not offended by this discussion. I respect your op.
> & know
> you respect mine.
> TC
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