Re: Happy 7th Birthday EBML!

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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 19:21:20 -0500

I have an old digest V1 #165 10/25/96 5 years ago

went to reg mail 4 years later digest was a pain to follow threads.
    I "parked" my 74 in the spring of 92 (wouldn't pass inspection).
did some body rebuilding in '95 and last night started work on it again.
I gotta get it out by summer. I grew up with EB's and I love this list.
to the guys who started it all
        Steve wrote:

>Zero score and seven years ago, about half a dozen Bronco nuts broke off
>from the offroad mailing list, and conceived the Early Bronco Mailing
>List(EBML). Here's to seven years of good reading, much learning, and a
>lot of typing. I hope we're still around in seven more years.
>Your quasi-EB(ML) history geek,
>Todd Z.
>Early Bronco Mailing List (EBML)
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