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From: Kevin Lackey <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 09:50:17 -0700 (MST)

You should be able to set up your own smtp server with majordomo on a
personal machine..... now bandwith becomes a BIG issue....


On Mon, 4 Feb
2002, Bob & Janet Wood wrote:

> you know, the host usually handles majordomo duties. I've not
> heard of a workstation or personal computer version of a majordomo
> application. I did a quick check in the usual spots and found nothing
> outside of host servers that will do it. Even if you find such an
> application, you might find that your host will have a cap on the max
> number of addressees that you can have on one message (an effort to
> reduce spamming).
> Good luck and let me know if you solve it...I'd be curious.
> Bob
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> Subject: [Bfix] off topic - email list help
> hey all - i'm hoping someone can help me out w/ this - i need to
> figure out a way to run an announcement-style 1000+ member mailing
> list - my host just trashed their list program, and i'm left without
> a way to communicate w/ my customers. sending the email to all
> members in the BCC field doesn't work for some reason - some kind of
> spam protection i'm assuming on my mail servers part maybe?
> 'anyone have any ideas or suggestions? thanks in advance,

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