'99 F350 revolts, long but good ending

From: Karl Bradley <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 19:03:23 -0500

     I am headed to work this am with the cruise set on 63(smokey trap) and I started down a hill. Cruise shuts off, truck looses power except idle-free wheeling. Crap-its 655am and 18 degrees. Pull over to side, look under, still have a drive shaft-get back in try 1st and let clutch out-nothing, just free spin. Get out lock hubs and pull into 4h(truck was ordered with lock outs and "real lever tcase") nothing. Start to get concerned at this point-hey bubba, bring a BIG roll back. Anyway start "messing with" tcase lever-shifting about-slight click/clink-cool back in 2wh and 1st gear. Pull on to 4lane and with a butt pucker go through gears-make it the 4 miles on to work.
     Call dealership and get switched to back where mechanic buddies work(friends _at_a dealership are GOOOOOD)can't get the 'stroke mech. talk to another guy and he mentions stuff about a harness going down fender under firewall with some sort of switch deal to tranny. I think cool just check connection-wrong-still connected. Make it to the dealer and pry my ass off the seat(russ hour traffic wondering when it is going to "free wheel again") Go around back to 'stroke mechanic and go through above spill. He starts grinning and asked if it is a '99-yes I reply- here is what happened. In '99(replaced in y2k) Ford put a plastic bushing deal around the tcase shift fork/tranny input deal that just wears out over time and lets the tranny disengage to N. He said he had replaced 6-8 in the last few months. He also grinned at me shifting the tcase around-he said that noise I heard was the linkage going back into the yoke-if I had not giggled it around I would have been hauled in. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. After ripping my tranny in the riceburner out last sat(they don't like 7.5k speed shifts to 3rd-Integra GSR) I have been driving the 350-put about 900 miles on it so this was a good thing. At my normal drive rate on the tow rig this would have happened in April pulling an eb on the trailer. 4.88's,large swampers pulling a car trailer with a dually on it-not a pretty site-that would have given the new 357 a real test!!!
     Lastly the '99 goes out of 3/36 bumper to bumper in 15 days-Clean livin' or something like that.
Karl Bradley
1down but not out F350 4x4, stroke
Received on Tue Feb 05 2002 - 17:00:29 MST

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