RE: WH Dana 20 Extreme Duty output shaft

From: kincade bauer <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:59:01 -0700

>$200 for a twinstick. That's a whole lot less than replacing it with an
>Atlas. What's the purpose of the rest of the parts you are adding in there?

to compare apples to apples - which is the purpose of any argument -
to make equal comparisons. if you're going to take that stance, why
do a twinstick at all? let's leave the d20 alone. there, we have a
free modification! ;-)

>Trying to get them on an even playing field doesn't really gain anything.

why not? it makes them easy to compare.

>What are you planning on doing with your Atlas?

EVERYTHING! i want a tcase that wont break (advantage - atlas), that
will be very easy to shift and be syncronized (advantage - atlas),
that will have a decent lowrange for other wheeling (advantage -
atlas), that still has parts readily available (advantage - atlas) -
shall i go on?

>Running in mud? No advantage and a huge disadvantage unless you have the
>horsepower (read money spent elsewhere) to turn your tires in hi-range.
>Advantage: Dana

uuuh- no - unless you're running mud in low range. i ALWAYS ran mud
and sand in high range w/ the C4 locked in 1 or 2, depending on the
speed. only time i needed low was going up something very steep when
i didn't have time to build speed.

>Running in the desert? Most of the time, hi range suffices. When needed, I
>have never wished I could go slower and have been happy with the d-20.
>Advantage: Dana

for you, yes. and for some others, yes. i run 35's, and a
relatively speaking higher horsepower motor - i can't have my d20

>Driving most of the trails in my area (So Cal.) Dana has never balked.
>It's already installed and works. Advantage: Dana.
>Then again, I will be the first to admit that I don't enjoy rock crawling
>for miles. I find it tedious and would rather see some terrain than the
>same old 1/4 mile of rocks all day long. I also don't like going out
>wheeling with the assumption I am going to break something.
>You are comparing apples and oranges.

no i'm not - if you are happy with a stock bronco then the atlas
isn't for you, nor is any other aftermarket tcase combo. if you need
a lower range then i really don't see the d20 being a great option -
you are certainly entitled to think that the d20 is fine for non-rock
crawling, low horsepower applications - and i would probably agree
with you. my opinion is based upon uses that exceed the stock
bronco's limitations - i never made an absolutist argument that the
d20 was crap - that was an assumption upon your part. for my first 2
broncos, the d20 was more than adequate - it ALL DEPENDS ON THE

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