Axle wrap destroying my rear driveline?

From: Craig Schneider <>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:11:32 -0800

  Hey all,
  I am faced with a dilemna that I would appreciate some input on...
  After replacing the U-joints in my rear driveline approx 4 months ago, I
have resumed the same squeak and grind that was taken care of by replacing
the U-joints in the first place. I had not replaced the CV joint in the
driveshaft, only the U-joints that are on either side of the joint. I am
also noticing after running only my front driveline, that the wrap or thump
and thud that I had while running in rear wheel drive, has also disappeared.
I am assuming that I have major axle wrap and need to replace the stock rear
springs that have over 200K mi on them. My dilemna, I want to purchase a
3.5" lift, but not now. If I am to replace my rear driveline, will one that
is a little longer for the lift work with my stock height set-up, and am I
in danger of ruining the new driveline with the axle wrap that I am
  Any input would be appreciated.
  Thanks in advance,
  Craig in Fresno

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