Choice of injectors/393 stroker

From: Brian Wickert <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:36:55 -0800

Kincade I have a question about your choice of injectors for your 357
Why #36 with a little 65 MM TB?

This doesn't sound "balanced", but i'm just guessing. I hear the 24 lb
injectors will support up to 450 HP, so it would seem that the #30 would be
plenty. Why 36? I thought that the higher the injector pound rating, the
more difficult it got on the smooth idle.
Out of curiosity, how much HP is the 65MM TB rated too?

How about the rest of you motor heads!

Part of the reason I'm asking, is because I'm building up a 393 stroker. I
have the Scat crank and 185ccAFR heads so far. I also ended up with a 65mm
TB from a couple years back, that I was thinking about using. I'm looking
at around 450HP at 5000rpm's, and 500ftlb.s at 3500rpm's (according to
Dyno2000). Will the 65mm be a major restriction for my motor?

I'm debating between the #24 vs #30 injectors. Will the 24lb injectors be
cutting it to close, and risk leaning out the motor, doing some damage?

What about the stock external pump, and 5/16" lines/fuel rails. What kinda
HP level are they rated to?

Brian Wickert
Hanford, CA

> Kincade Bauer, Darkhorse
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> 700R4 behind a small-block ford:
> -1973 Bronco
> Kenne Bell Supercharged/Fuel Injected 5.0 [bypass, 8#'s, 36#
> injectors, Kenne-Bell switch chip, T-rex 50/70 with Carter 98 gph l/p
> pusher, 80MM Ford MAF, 65MM Accufab TB, J&S Ultra-Safeguard] 700R4,
> AtlasII 4.3:1, Detroit/ARB w/ 5.13's, Full-Width Axles, 35" MTR's,
> AGR close-ratio box/pump, 28 year old paint
> -1989 Mustang 5.0 LX, stock
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