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From: kincade bauer <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 18:09:25 -0700

>Kincade I have a question about your choice of injectors for your 357
>Why #36 with a little 65 MM TB?

remind me of that conversation! what stroker are you talking
about??? I'm running a supercharged 302 right now - 65mm TB is due
to the fact i was seeing boost TOO easily w/ the 70MM, and because
the larger the throttle body, the more sensitive the throttle
response (small crack = more airflow) - 36# injectors, because i want
a LOT of leeway in tuning, and because forced induction motors need
more fuel for a cooling effect than do their naturally aspirated

>This doesn't sound "balanced", but i'm just guessing. I hear the 24 lb
>injectors will support up to 450 HP,

naturally aspirated, and at 100% duty cycle - which isn't too good to
rely on. i personally don't like to go past 80-90% on any injector.

> so it would seem that the #30 would be
>plenty. Why 36? I thought that the higher the injector pound rating, the
>more difficult it got on the smooth idle.

nah - as long as you tune for it it's ok. the new lightnings come w/
42# injectors!

>Out of curiosity, how much HP is the 65MM TB rated too?

dunno - forced induction is a completely different animal than a
naturally aspirated motor. all i know is that i'm seeing 8# of boost
w/ a 6# pulley at 1700 rpm - i had to go to the 65mm to restrict it.

>Part of the reason I'm asking, is because I'm building up a 393 stroker. I
>have the Scat crank and 185ccAFR heads so far. I also ended up with a 65mm
>TB from a couple years back, that I was thinking about using. I'm looking
>at around 450HP at 5000rpm's, and 500ftlb.s at 3500rpm's (according to
>Dyno2000). Will the 65mm be a major restriction for my motor?

not really - but i'd probably go w/ a 70MM instead - you want to make
the efficiency of that motor as high as possible.

>I'm debating between the #24 vs #30 injectors. Will the 24lb injectors be
>cutting it to close, and risk leaning out the motor, doing some damage?

eh - go w/ the 30's - that way you can step it up later if you ever
need to! 24's seem to be very touchy for tuning.

>What about the stock external pump, and 5/16" lines/fuel rails. What kinda
>HP level are they rated to?

run a carter pusher pump - can't remember the number but summit's got
them, then a good HP pump - trex, walbro, or something like that.
talk to jack _at_ muscle motors - he's got good deals on the walbro.

>Brian Wickert
>Hanford, CA

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