need information on ignition voltage source and ideas on how to make this work

From: Rob Denney <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 17:51:20 -0800 (PST)

I have a question about the ignition in my 73 bronco.
  I need to create a 7 volt source and it needs to be
switched. I have replaced my stock ford 30 amp
alternator with a GM CS144 alternator 170 amp and
to make this regulator turn on I need a voltage source
 that is like 7 volts current is not really
important. all bronco ignition sources I can locate
in my alternator circuit have 12 volt feeds and
nothing less. I need to make a 7 volt feed for my
new alternator. have been looking around and one
source for lower voltage is known as a simple ballast
resistor, all chryslers have em and they are super
cheap. and work pretty well. the issue I have
with this setup is , what damage can it create for my
new ignition switch. I know all feeds coming off the
switch are 12 volts and am not sure of damage it
could possibly do my new switch. any thoughts or
reasons I should not use this type of ballast resistor
for my application??? if there are problems with my
want-to-use setup please let me know what I can use
to make this work. I have it all installed and it
fits but I cant find the right voltage to make it
turn on.
when I/the list finds an answer I will post all info
pertaining to make it and making it work.
thanks in advance
Rob D in florida

Rob Denney
73 sport bronco hardtop,351w, C4-built for fun,dana 20 twin stick, dana 44 front-4.56tracloc, BB 9 inch-4.56 tracloc,4 wheel disks(all chevy), F150 power steering, custom draglink,23 gallon fuel tank(homebuilt),3 1/2 inch rockcrawler coils,5 leaf Duffs leafs-1 leaf removed, 2 inch bodylift with new poly bushings, custom tube bumpers w/ tire and can carrier,Rock Skidz,Duff's long links, full rollcage, F250 mounts with 10 inch travel shocks, rear inboard shocks,36x12.50x15 Super Swamper TSL/SX on rockcrawler black wheels(15x8) with matching spare.

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