Re: [Bfix] Dana 60 information needed

From: Brian Wickert <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 20:08:12 -0800

I give up! I suck at debating. LOL.........what do you mean I can't do
that? (damn voices in my head) ok, here it goes.

I believe the duff c-bushing wedges are already setup for D60 3 1/8" tubes,
but I'm not sure. Wasn't that the point of them making them?
The problem with using some off a D30 is that the tubes are only 2 3/8"-2
1/2" You would really need to open them up a bunch, and you would loose the
shoulder that faces with the tube. Definitely get some D44 wedges,
preferably truck D44.

I like the GM/Ford TRE's also, and you might as well ream them from the top
while your at it, but then you'll need some tapered spacers like BC sells.
OR, leave the stock TRE attachment stock (helps resale value, cause we know
nothing is permanent on our EB's!) and get a set of these hysteer bad boys
for the 3/4" heims!

My new Motto: Think about how much fun you can have playing with it today,
and what the resale value will be tomorrow! I think I have me own signature
statement! woo hoo!
Brian Wickert
Hanford, CA
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> >I would LOVE to debate this with any body.
> Brian,
> I have to agree with you on every point you made, except a few.....8).
> > Add some Duff c-bushing wedges (plus the JohnF and BW spacers, 8^)
> Call Duff's, Jeff's, etc... or a grind a set off a (preferably broken)
> If the machining could be done for a reasonable price, I'd prefer to have
> set of wedges milled to the correct diameter of approx. 3.03" instead of
> using the spacers. Because of the geometry of the wedges, making a fixture
> to clamp them so they can be machined would be a MAJOR PITA. And there
> a reasonable price.
> Because of cost then, the spacers are the way to go IMO.
> > Heim joint ends on the tieord/draglink would be the easiest.
> Easiest yes, but the Chevy tie-rods have a higher mis-alignment, and don't
> have the pitfalls of heim joints.
> If you wanted "easy", you wouldn't be installing a D60...LOL!
> Kurt Millard
> Cross Plains, WI
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