RE: [Bfix] 75 EB f/s Rolla, MO

From: Benjamin J. Franklin <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:06:17 -0500

Is that the green and white one? I know there is probably not jsut one for
sale in Rolla. I have driven past one for four years and not been able to
stop to check it out. It used to sit next to the old white garage that is
right behind it? That truck has not run in at least five or more years?

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Found a 75 EB forsale in Rolla, MO just north of exit
189 on I44.

They are asking $2400, which is probably double what
it is worth.

It has an auto tranny and PS. Uncut. It also has a
lot of bondo and I am not sure it has much of a floor.
 I am pretty sure the drivers feet would rest on the
aux tank more than anything else.

It also has rust, but of the 4 door posts (front and
rear each side), 3 of them are almost perfect. Full
hard top with some cool shag glued to it. Odomter
reads 44,000 for what its worth, I bet its 144 at
least. The rockers were full of rust. I think it
could make someone a great trail truck, cut it up and
weld in new floorboards, but I would not pay the $2400

Anyway, if anyone is intereted in it, let me know and
I will dig out the phone number.


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