RE: Re: Choice of injectors/393 stroker

From: kincade bauer <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:48:06 -0700

>One trick for that would be to run some type of cam on your throttle cable
>that gives the first few inches of stroke less travel on the throttle blade.

coby - 'any suggestions on this? w/ my KB, my throttle response is
still very touchy, even w/ the 65mm TB.

>Another trick is to use a camshaft that moves the rpm band up a bit; that
>kills some of the low end torque and makes it less sensitive to small
>throttle changes at lower rpms(with a stroker you usually have torque to
>spare). I'd run a 70mm TB with your setup; I'm probably going to a 75mm tb
>setup on my own rig.


> > > not really - but i'd probably go w/ a 70MM instead - you want to make
>> > the efficiency of that motor as high as possible.
>> What does this mean?
>He means you don't want to restrict airflow when you've spent so much money
>to move more air. Air is horsepower/torque.

that's exactly what i mean - with a NA application you're trying to
increase the engines efficiency in being able to "pull" more air in -
the engine is simply an air pump - the more air you can breathe, the
more power you can make - so with a large CI motor like that, you
don't want to neck the TB down too far.

>Yes, I'm running an EEC Tuner calibrated for larger injectors.

i would highly recommend the tweeker, but mike glover (owner) is down
for the count right now having just found out he has diabetes. i
consider the EEC tuner to be a very close second. join the EEC tuner
list too - you'll learn buttloads of info.

>BTW...don't run the 24lb injectors. Make your decision between 30lb and
>36lb injectors.

agreed. stay away from the 24 lb injectors - a TON of people have a
hard time getting them to run well - something to do with a strange
fuel curve or something. in any case, they're not enough for your
motor anyway - you don't want to take your injectors up to 100% duty
cycle - it gives you no leeway at all for a partially clogged
injector, etc.

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