Re: Choice of injectors/393 stroker

From: kincade bauer <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:54:13 -0700

>Aren't you running a 302 stroked to 357?

nope, just a plain 'ol 302.

>I'm concerned about my pedal being to sensitive also, with the 70mm TB.
>That is why I'm thinking about using the 65mm TB I already have, if it won't
>choke the performance out of my 393 motor. Guess I could always run the

eh, you can always try it - used TB's turn up on ebay and corral all the time!

>We all know that Dyno2000 is probably 10-20% high any way. But, if the 30's
>will idle nicely, that sounds like the safest way to go.

agreed - plus, you can pick them up for cheap!

>Anyone running the eec-tuner to recalibrate for larger injectors? Last I
>remember, seems like you could put your stock mustang maf sensor into a
>larger MAF (like the new 4.6L vehicles or something), and re-set the
>computer for #30 injectors. Basically off setting the cost of the
>eec-tuner, by not needing a special calibrated MAF. Anyone know for sure?

the EEC tuner is sweet - get one.

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