RE: [EBeast] (kids) seat belts?

From: Soutter, Alan <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 10:59:36 -0800

Hi Aaron,
I have been planning to put in a couple Beard lowback seats or maybe the Beard Super Kid seats, and use Simpson harnesses of some sort.

I like the way the beard seats keep you from sliding sideways, especially for the back where there are so many things for kids to bang their heads on.

How old are your kids? I've been thinking of brining my girls with me when they turn 6, but I have friends who have taken then from infant all the way up and never had problems.


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Subject: [EBeast] seat belts?

My kids are getting old enough to go out wheeling with me. This means I
have to put in my back seat, when I got my EB the rear seat was already
out. It should not be a problem to reinstall. But my question is, was
their seat belts for the rear seat? And does any body sell them? Also I
think I read something a while back about Suzuki samurai seats being
compatible Is this true and are their belts directly on the seat. I told
the wife we could just glue the kids in place but she doesn't think it
will hold. any body know of any good glue?
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