Re: EEC tuner

From: kincade bauer <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:00:55 -0700

>Who makes the best EEC tuner for the 5.0?

well, there's a few iterations of that, 2 that'd id recommend -
there's the EEC tuner, and the tweeker. tweeker is not available
right now because the owner found out he had diabetes the hard way...

> Also, could you run the software on a cheapo used Ebay lap top?


> I only have a desktop at the moment.
>W. Sharp
>Wilmette, IL
>70 & 71 EB's
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AtlasII 4.3:1, Detroit/ARB w/ 5.13's, Full-Width Axles, 35" MTR's, 
AGR close-ratio box/pump, 28 year old paint
-1989 Mustang 5.0 LX, stock
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