Re: [Bfix] EFI conversion woes

From: Tom Green <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 11:26:24 -0800 (PST)

This sounds like a fuel supply problem. Have you checked the fuel
pressure? What are you using for a high pressure pump? How did you
route your return and supply and what size are they?
--- wrote:
> I have completed a speed density conversion on my slightly modified
> 302 and
> would like your collective opinions.
> I used parts off of a 88 town car. It runs just fine at idle and has
> a slight
> stumble off idle with no load. But its not even drivable. On the
> street if I
> very gradually accelerate its not too bad, but if I get on it it will
> backfire and loose power. I have checked the HEGO wiring and found no
> problems (left to right wiring is OK). The KOEO test returns no
> problem
> codes. The KOER test returns 94,44,75 Thermactor and Brake On/Off
> codes,
> shouldn't be related to my drivability problem.
> Is this just because the speed density system doesn't like the motor,
> (cam
> bored over with headers)?
> I did the swap with the intention of changing to the mass air but I
> want to
> make sure I have not overlooked something.
> Any input greatly appreciated.
> John Coones
> Bighorn 4X4
> '74 Bronco
> Roy, UT
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