Re: [Bfix] Speaking of D60's ?

From: Karl Bradley <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 15:00:34 -0500

      You have one of three choices on your 60 install. 1. follow the thread on cmounts-either Duffs or get a 44 or 30(ref. why 44 by Brian W.) modify them to the d60 tube od, use some type of radius arm and have at it(with the desired lift coils shocks etc. of course). 2. fab shackle mounts and run leaves in the front. 3. Go coilovers-have a good talk with your check book, buy the coilovers and then fab a mounting system and 3or4link to run/locate it. NO it is not a "direct bolt in" but VERY "doable"! Most select the cmounts and radius arms. Shoot Lee N. a mail if you are interested in coilover-cool rig from pics and Lee always is informative on his answers.
Karl Bradley
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  I have a 1978 Ford F250 4x4 std. cab with Dana 60's (4.11) front and rear. I am looking for a good 1978 Bronco to put my 429 SCJ motor in and I am wondering if a can directly swap the drive train with the F250 (d60's)???
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