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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:14:01 -0800

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please post to; is the backup list.

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Subject: Body basics

> I have some questions about basic body stuff.
> Will I need a special tool to remove my chrome trim? Are there more than
> just the hex nuts I can see from the inside? I am going to try and do as
> much prep work before paint as I can. I got a grinder, now what sort of
> abrasion am I putting on it to remove the paint? And last but not least, I
> bought a hinge rebuild kit, seems like years ago now, but the very basic
> instructions call for some drilling. How am I to ensure I'm drilling
> straight through the hinge? Am I wacky with this thought? I've always
> appreciated the help.
> Paul "hack" Taylor
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