Re: Re: Choice of injectors/393 stroker

From: Brian Wickert <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:51:15 -0800

#30 injectors and 70mm TB
Plus devising a better throttle cable solution. The cams on that HOYT
compound bow aren't being used, HMMMMMM.

Brian Wickert
Hanford, CA
Think about how much fun you can have playing with it today, and what the
resale value will be tomorrow!
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> >One trick for that would be to run some type of cam on your throttle
> >that gives the first few inches of stroke less travel on the throttle
> coby - 'any suggestions on this? w/ my KB, my throttle response is
> still very touchy, even w/ the 65mm TB.
> >Another trick is to use a camshaft that moves the rpm band up a bit; that
> >kills some of the low end torque and makes it less sensitive to small
> >throttle changes at lower rpms(with a stroker you usually have torque to
> >spare). I'd run a 70mm TB with your setup; I'm probably going to a 75mm
> >setup on my own rig.
> agreed.
> > > > not really - but i'd probably go w/ a 70MM instead - you want to
> >> > the efficiency of that motor as high as possible.
> >> What does this mean?
> >
> >He means you don't want to restrict airflow when you've spent so much
> >to move more air. Air is horsepower/torque.
> that's exactly what i mean - with a NA application you're trying to
> increase the engines efficiency in being able to "pull" more air in -
> the engine is simply an air pump - the more air you can breathe, the
> more power you can make - so with a large CI motor like that, you
> don't want to neck the TB down too far.
> >Yes, I'm running an EEC Tuner calibrated for larger injectors.
> i would highly recommend the tweeker, but mike glover (owner) is down
> for the count right now having just found out he has diabetes. i
> consider the EEC tuner to be a very close second. join the EEC tuner
> list too - you'll learn buttloads of info.
> >BTW...don't run the 24lb injectors. Make your decision between 30lb and
> >36lb injectors.
> agreed. stay away from the 24 lb injectors - a TON of people have a
> hard time getting them to run well - something to do with a strange
> fuel curve or something. in any case, they're not enough for your
> motor anyway - you don't want to take your injectors up to 100% duty
> cycle - it gives you no leeway at all for a partially clogged
> injector, etc.
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