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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:06:11 -0500

You will see the bolt holes in the floor for the rear seat belts. They are
fine thread 1/2" bolts and there are 4 of them. You can use any aftermarket
belt and mount it to these spots. I used a piece of 1/4" angle iron and
bolted it down to the original holes. I then got simpson 2 inch standard lap
belts that feed up through the seat for the girls. I'm the one Alan
mentioned, 'who take their infants' out. My oldest is now 3.5. When Sierra
was 5 weeks we went to the Dakota Territory Challenge for a week of weelin
up in the Black Forest. My youngest is now 10 months and she was in the
bronco during the rock challenge competition in Tellico at last years
Roundup (she was 7 weeks at the time.) Main thing is to have really good,
supportive car seats for the really young ones and 5 pt harness booster
seats for the toddlers or up. Simpson makes a killer 5 pt harness booster
seat for toddlers and up. Check it out at

For babies, I found a fisher-price seat that has a tubular chassis with very
high sides and 5 pt harness. On infants, be sure to support their head from
rolling around with towels and/or blankets. With the infants and rear
facing, I also put a couple of ratchet straps forward to hold it securely in

It is important to have a cage over the rear seat too. I was so excited to
go to South Dakota with my new addition, 2 weeks before we left, I said
something like, we'd better start packing, and she said, nope, you'd better
start bending a cage, cause we aren't going without a full cage over the
rear!! The day before we left the cage got welded together and bolted in. I
didn't have time to paint it. almost 4 years later and it still isn't
painted!! If it ain't broke......

When the girls were just 5/7 weeks old, they loved all the bouncing around
and only started to cry when we were stopped waiting at an obstacle. I had
to grab the cage and rock the bronco back and forth to keep them happy until
we started moving again.

I think it is important to get them involved when they are young! There is
nothing like a 2 year old girl in her car seat in the back of the bronco
yelling 'faster Daddy, faster!! This is fun!!' as you are flying through the
sand washes and sliding all over the place in Moab. She talks about that all
the time and it's been almost 2 years.


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> My kids are getting old enough to go out wheeling with me. This means I
> have to put in my back seat, when I got my EB the rear seat was already
> out. It should not be a problem to reinstall. But my question is, was
> their seat belts for the rear seat? And does any body sell them? Also I
> think I read something a while back about Suzuki samurai seats being
> compatible Is this true and are their belts directly on the seat. I told
> the wife we could just glue the kids in place but she doesn't think it
> will hold. any body know of any good glue?
> Thks
> Aaron

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