Re: [Bfix]No 4WD, guesses on why?

From: Shawn Taylor <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 15:44:56 -0700 (MST)

It's a 30, with open carrier. Based on it not working when under load,
I'm thinking that I broke some teeth off the ring gear. I would think
that a broken axle would just never work. I'm hoping that it's the axle that I
have a spare for though... Pretty sure it's not a u-joint since they
looked ok. Could be a hub, but they both still turn just like they're

Hmm, and if i wasn't lexdysic I would have gotten this to both lists on
the first try.

Ofcourse, my first choice on how to fix it, as suggested, it for someone
near Albuquerque to have an extra 44 laying around. One with disc-brakes
would be nice, but if anyone in the area is looking to get rid of one, let
me know. Anyone... anyone... beuler...?

-Albuquerque, NM

>>I was out playing on a snowy hill and while trying to rock my way up a
stubborn part heard a bad sound from the front of my Bronco. Now 4WD
works when there's little load on it, but if i punch it, or try to go
there's a grinding sound and the front end feels like its going over a
bump and the front wheels don't do anything usefull (except keep the axle
off the ground). Any guesses on what i did? The one clue (second-hand
'cause i was driving and didn't see it myself) is that my friends said
that one time it was "grinding" the front driveshaft was turning but the
front wheels weren't (yes, the hubs were engaged). I'm thinking that
something must have broke in the front diff and is letting something
to the driveshaft be pushed back instead of staying where it belongs and
engaging the gears. I imagine it'll be pretty obvious once I tear apart
diff, just wanted to solicit some opinions.
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