Re: underdrive pulleys

From: <>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 14:56:36 -0800

pulleys are oft. different from vehicle-vehicle by now..
underdrive pulleys will help with hp you can gain ?? about 20-25 hp with
however you need to be careful about underdriving your alternator and
powersteering too much causing them not to work "enough" for off-road
vehicles i do not think its a good idea to "lighten" the output of an
alternator due to high output lights, compressors and winches.and
perhaps most important loosing some fan cooling due to a slower fan
you can go to march and get under drive pulleys for your vehicle you
will need to know the spacing from waterpump to end of existing pulleys
to get correct "spacing" and not get too close to fan etc..

Bob & Janet Wood wrote:
> Can someone give me a run down of the basics on an underdrive pulley
> system on a 351W? Benefits, drawbacks,
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