Re: [Bfix]No 4WD, guesses on why?

From: Lee Wilson <>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 17:19:53 -0600

You would know if it was a u-joint and/or axle just by looking. I've never
grenaded a hub so don't know how that is. Betcha $50 it's a busted R&P...
Sure sounds like it from what you describe. I defenitely wouldn't waster
the money to re-gear your D30. (Obviously since I didn't when it happened
to me. ;^)

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Subject: Re: [EBML][Bfix]No 4WD, guesses on why?

> It's a 30, with open carrier. Based on it not working when under load,
> I'm thinking that I broke some teeth off the ring gear. I would think
> that a broken axle would just never work. I'm hoping that it's the axle
that I
> have a spare for though... Pretty sure it's not a u-joint since they
> looked ok. Could be a hub, but they both still turn just like they're
> working...
> Hmm, and if i wasn't lexdysic I would have gotten this to both lists on
> the first try.
> Ofcourse, my first choice on how to fix it, as suggested, it for someone
> near Albuquerque to have an extra 44 laying around. One with disc-brakes
> would be nice, but if anyone in the area is looking to get rid of one, let
> me know. Anyone... anyone... beuler...?
> Shawn
> -69
> -Albuquerque, NM
> >>I was out playing on a snowy hill and while trying to rock my way up a
> stubborn part heard a bad sound from the front of my Bronco. Now 4WD
> works when there's little load on it, but if i punch it, or try to go
> uphill,
> there's a grinding sound and the front end feels like its going over a
> bump and the front wheels don't do anything usefull (except keep the axle
> off the ground). Any guesses on what i did? The one clue (second-hand
> 'cause i was driving and didn't see it myself) is that my friends said
> that one time it was "grinding" the front driveshaft was turning but the
> front wheels weren't (yes, the hubs were engaged). I'm thinking that
> something must have broke in the front diff and is letting something
> connected
> to the driveshaft be pushed back instead of staying where it belongs and
> engaging the gears. I imagine it'll be pretty obvious once I tear apart
> the
> diff, just wanted to solicit some opinions.
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