Re: [EBeast] seat belts?

From: Greg <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 18:34:07 -0500

I actually have a short video clip of Shannons "rocking" Bronco at Tellico.


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> As a spectator to the rock challenge at Tellico, I can attest to Shannon
> reaching inside his rig and rocking it to keep the baby asleep. What he
> didn't tell you was his wife was also in the rig, and they all seemed
> peaceful while he was waiting for a rig in front of him to clear an
> It was impressive to say the least. So, I would think he knows whereof he
> speaks about seat belts for "little ones". It was sideways at about 25
> degrees when I saw him "rocking the cradle". IF Big Ed is on here, he saw
> too, we were trying to keep from sliding off our perch in the rain and
> Les in Little Rock, AR, not Asia
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