RE: WH Dana 20 Extreme Duty output shaft

From: Scott B Okelberry <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 19:54:39 -0700

The thing about the Atlas that gives me gas is that there is such a
gapping hole between 4hi and 4low. The guys I wheel with that have them
are constantly shifting in and out of 4low. My plan is to install the
tera low 3.15 gears in and a WH 203 crawl box between the tranny and the
t-case. That will give me 4 ranges to choose from. 1:1, 2.0:1, 3.15:1,
and 6.30:1.
Price wise I'm looking at $700 for gears, $1400 for the crawler, and $500
for the rear output, which I won't change till I'm stuck at rocker
knocker or some other obstacle. It's more fun that way... isn't it?
Just one mans opinion. Flame away.

And isn't there an adaptor required for the Atlas? I may be wrong.

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>From: kincade bauer []
>my only problem w/ the d20 is this - $700-$1500 for lower gears, $200
>for a twin stick, and $500 for a new front output shaft - now you
>could have bought an atlas, and you've STILL got old parts and a weak
>front output shaft.
>>I think the argument goes a little like this:
>>If you haven't broken it, let it be. When (IF) you do break it, what
>>you going to replace it with? Another 30 year old one that you have no
>>as to it's history or the new one from WH?
>>I do not buy the Atlas argument. Different animal designed for a
>>application. 4:1 and 2.4:1 are not interchangable.
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