Fw: [Bfix] Rear disks?

From: Craig _at_ Mprints <>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 01:28:41 -0600

> bronco people
> I am putting together a BB 9"
> The brakes are completely shot - everything is so rusted, looks like
> barnacle covered ocean debri. So I will need all new brake hardware. It
> currently has the 11x1.75 drums. I have access to 10x2 brakes in xclnt
> condition off a small bearing 9. I may be able to redrill the backing
> and run the 2" drums on the BB housing??
> But now would be the time for a disk swap if I wanted to. I get the
> impression from lots of posts that they are a mixed bag. I'm not sure it
> really worth it to install rear disks. Like maybe more of a gee-whiz
> mod??
> So my question(s) are, are rear disks really worth doing, and/or will the
> 10x2 brakes from a small bearing bolt on to the BB housing?
> Thanks
> Craig Musgraves
> Mineola, Texas
> 74 Bronco "under construction"
Received on Thu Feb 07 2002 - 00:32:50 MST

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