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From: Ben Saunders <>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 15:55:57 -0700

Marc -
I'm running an AOD and love it - but I will say if I had to do it again
I may have gone with the 700R4. To get an AOD to survive behind some decent
HP and withstand the abuse of crawling, they need to be built well. I got
mine from Lentech,, the RV2000 with a
low gearset. I know they can hold up as I have seen dragsters, rally cars,
and a few 4xs running them successfully with huge amounts of HP and lots
of abuse. I'm pretty sure the ARCA competition AGR jeep is running an AOD
too, just not sure who built it. But the bottom line is I don't think a
stock AOD will hold up -,
, and have some good
info on AODs. For about the same price as the built AOD you can get a built
700r4 and adapter to the ford small block. The other trick about the AOD
is, I don't think there is a standard adapter for the AOD to a Atlas. I
may be wrong, but you may have to fab or find someone to fab an adapter
for the atlas if you go with the AOD.

-Ben Saunders

-- Original Message --

>Hey guys, I know this has been hashed and rehashed, but I just need the
>A fellow lister is the proud owner of my Dana 20, so it is off to buy an
>Atlas. However, I want to up grade the trany now too. I was thinking C6,
>not too worried about od. Even considered a th350 or 400, but perfer to
>But, today I found a AOD with only 10k miles on it for $200. Is it worth
>using a AOD? What issues do they have? I have even considered a 700, but
>they are pricey to get and rebuild.
>I do have a 2" body lift so whatever should clear the floor/firewall.
>So basically why don't I want the AOD?
>Why not a C6?
>Any one want a C4 and adapter?
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- Ben Saunders
'74 Bronco - Colorado - Setrab coolers, Corbeau seats,
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