dana 6 questions

From: Laddle Cottongim <>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 20:47:45 -0500

Found a 1983 F250 4x4 today with huge rearends. I am assuming they are dana
60s. The hubs were MUCH larger than the ones on my dana 44. (Did Ford use
anything else that year?) Now if they are dana 60s what are the pros and
cons of this particular years front rear?I know some years are better that
others. what would be a good (read cheap) offer for these? Also the truck
seemed to have some sort of factory hydrolic (sp) steering. I remeber some
posts about that not long ago but just skimmed over them. Would this be
worth getting as well? I'm sure it would be cheaper than ram assist. What's
a good price on these? TIA

London, Ky
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