Re: [Bfix] Fuel Mileage?

From: Erik Christensen <>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 20:06:56 -0800

stock with little tires and no lift you should be able to get 13-14,
some claim u pto 17 on the highway. Add decent tires and some lift and
say hello to the 10-12's that everyone else with a carb gets.
  Advice to improve mileage? make sure you keep it to about 50mph or so,
55 tops.

"G. Ringuette" wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently picked up my first EB and was wondering what you guys were
> getting for fuel mileage with the stock 302. I didn't buy the truck to save
> on gas but I currently have a long commute to work and would like any advice
> to improve my mileage (getting about 12mpg). It's a 1977 with a completely
> stock 302 (has only 68xxx miles). I plan to upgrade for performance but
> could use help with the mileage until then since I cannot use my aux. tank
> and it seems that I'm filling up the main tank alot and there are no leaks
> anywhere.
> Any help or advice on what carb/intake to get for perf. and improved mileage
> would be appreciated,
> thanks,
> G.
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