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A note, March 1-3 is also the San Felipe 250 so plan on having a lot of
race and chase vehicle traffic at the crossings.

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Here is information on an EBL/EBR run to Mexico in a few weeks.&nbsp; A
pre-run is being done this weekend, and during the pre-run we will book
one or more campsites for all the Early Broncos we think will
(You can book camp sites only by going there.)&nbsp; If you think you
interested in a very scenic area of Baja California for a three day
you need to call Ted Ohmsted or email Sam Suhr (not me) ASAP with your
interest so he can get a rough head-count.&nbsp; His phone and email
address is at the end of the message below.&nbsp; Guadalupe is three
hours east of San Diego.&nbsp; While there is lots of dirt road at the
end of the drive, any Early Bronco can get in there.&nbsp; Read on and
follow the instructions.<br><br>
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>From: &quot;ssuhr2&quot;
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 21:32:39 -0800<br><br>
<font face="arial">Hello Everyone,<br><br>
My name is Ted Olmsted and I'll be helping Sam Suhr with the Guadalupe
Canyon run on March 1 - 3. Many of you know that Baja Mexico has much
offer the adventurous soul. The fact is that there are numerous great
places to explore just across the border for those who tread south to
Baja. I ve been all over Mexico and Central America and I can t think
one bad trip, well, maybe one but that s all. The March 1 - 3 EBL run
Guadalupe canyon is a excellent way to get your feet wet and get some
baja dust on that trusty Bronco of yours. Fortunately, the roads and
general atmosphere for tourism in baja are much improved since the
days when Duffy and Parnelli Jones were tearing up the BAJA 1000 thirty
years ago.<br><br>
A run to Guadalupe Canyon is a great introductory experience to Baja
doesn t require a long haul down the peninsula. The highways are good
the travel time from the border to camp is roughly 3 hours mostly on
pavement. The camp itself offers a spectacular palm oasis in the canyon
and every camp site has its own rock hot tub which is filled with
geothermal spring water. There are many things to do around camp
including hiking up the canyon, four wheeling in the area, exploring
Indian rock art or just relaxing in paradise. More information is
available on the web site
<a href=""></a>.
The campo #1 in the lower part of the canyon is the one you will see on
the web site. These sites offer the best accommodations in terms of
privacy and quality of sites. Unfortunately a reservation cannot be
at this camp without doing so at the campground itself. We are
working on a plan to make some reservations before the run.<br><br>
Many people are fearful about going to Mexico. Why all the bad press
about traveling in Mexico? The Mexican legal system operates under
Napoleonic law. This means that the accused is presumed guilty until
prove their innocence. Some of you have read newspaper stories about
Donald Kraft who languished in a Mexican hospital with severe injuries
until his family could raise enough cash to cover property damage
sustained in a vehicle accident. He had no Mexican auto insurance. I
assure you that you will have no problems down south if you abide by
their laws. Proper automobile liability insurance will allow you to
remain free in the event of an auto accident. Mexican liability
is something that should be purchased before the run. Some policies
as State Farm and AAA say that you are covered within 50 miles of the
border and we will be within this range. I would strongly recommend
additional insurance that is recognized by Mexican officials. Full
coverage is generally not available on vehicles more that 20 years old.
My recommendation after researching the subject is to buy your policy
from #1 Instant Mexican Auto insurance. They are reliable, professional
and have a wealth of travel information to support Baja travel. They
insure many of the off road racing teams support trucks etc. You can
insurance for a full year or on a day to day basis. The current rate is
$11.85 per 24 hour day. They can issue a policy by fax or in person.
them at 800-345-4701 for more details.<br><br>
If you really want backup, the Binational Emergency Committee offers a
yearly membership for a paltry $20. With this you have Celia Diaz on
case. Celia knows many of the top players in Baja politics and law
enforcement. She specializes in smoothing out diplomatic problems and
facilitating medical evacuations from Mexico. SCORE daredevils and
frequent flyers on Life Flight benefit most from her services. A
membership also will entitle you to a discount at Instant Mexico Auto
Insurance. She helped considerably when I had my minor mishap in Baja a
few years back. I would strongly recommend her organization for anyone
planning frequent travel to Mexico. If you don't plan to go big with
off road stunts then you might not need her. You can reach the
Emergency Committee at 619-425-5080 or visit them at
General information: Visitors to the canyon should plan on being self
sustaining in terms of food, water, ice and gasoline. There is a small
cantina which sometimes has beer and food but don t count on it. Plan
to prepare meals at your campsite. Bring a lawn chair or hammock for
relaxing. The campsites have shade. Vehicles should be in good
condition and ready for self sufficient off road travel. The route to
the canyon doesn t require four wheel drive. There are flush toilets
available in the canyon but no showers. Expect weather similar to what
you would find in the Anza Borrego desert.<br><br>
You can find the canyon on the AAA baja map. The canyon is located just
east of Laguna Hansen and west of Laguna Salada. From Tecate we will
drive east on the Highway 2 toll road and down the rumorosa grade. Once
we reach the desert below we will take one of two routes south into the
canyon depending recent weather conditions. The smoother road is on the
lake bed but it can difficult if it is wet.<br><br>
I would be happy to answer any questions if you would like to call me
at 619-226-6631 or call Sam Suhr at 619-562-2466.<br><br>
I look forward to seeing you in Baja.<br><br>
Sam &amp; Jan Suhr<br>
Wild Child<br>
<a href=""></a><br>
(866) wild child</font></blockquote><br><br>
Steve Sampson<br>
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